The Evolution of Logo Animation: From Static to Dynamic Logos


Brands need to evolve with time, and many brands are now switching to logo animation for the same reason. People can recognize static logo designs of brands miles away. For instance, the logo of Apple, McDonald’s, etc., are easily recognizable because they are memorable.

Nonetheless, brands nowadays also create and utilize dynamic or animated logos to humanize themselves. They use dynamic logos on their websites, social media, and more to portray their dynamic identity.

Furthermore, brands also use moving (animated) logos to entertain their target audience. There are many reasons that justify the evolution of animated logos from static logo designs. In this post, we shall tell you why brands are moving towards dynamic logos or why they are evolving.

Google Is the Brand That Set the Pace

Google in 2015 unveiled its animated logo. Since then, the world has been trying to catch up with the search engine giant. Not to mention, Google has always been a step ahead when it comes to branding.

When you use a voice search, the animated logo of Google morphs into dots. Moreover, the dots flow up and down in a waveform responding to the sound. Once the search completes, the logo returns to its original form showing up the word, “Google,” again.

Besides, Google is not the only brand to step up in the game of animation. Other top brands have also come up with an animated brand identity. Dropbox, Burger King, and Mozilla Firefox, to name some of them.

Not to mention, Professional Logo Animation Services is evolving over time with many brands coming up with stunning animated logos. Now, the question is: Why are brand logos evolving from static to dynamic ones? Let us find that out next.

Why Are Brand Logos Evolving from Static to Dynamic Logos?

Brand logos are evolving from static to animated logos because it lets brands enjoy a variety of benefits. Here are different reasons why many brands have switched to dynamic logos today:

  1. Dynamic Logos Provide Brands with an SEO Boost

Having a moving logo aids brands in improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of their sites. Further, sharing, tagging, and backlinks benefit brands with improved SEO. Dynamic logos help brands benefit in all of the aforementioned ways that boost their SEO. Not to mention, Google’s algorithm takes note and gives more exposure to animated content. Therefore, brands nowadays often use a dynamic brand identity because of this advantage.

  1. Animated Logos Engage the Viewers

When it comes to website users, more users stay on websites with animated videos or animated logos. The reason is that animated content appeals to the audience and also engages them. Many brands create animated videos of their logos and also use them on their sites to engage viewers. Besides, research unveils that one-third of activities on the internet entail watching videos. Therefore, brands are switching to animated logos these days to engage viewers and increase their brand recognition.

  1. Moving Logos Bring a Brand to Life

The main reason why brands create a logo is to create brand awareness whether it is static or dynamic. However, animated logos are more notable and also lively when it comes to branding. It is more likely for your customers to recognize an animated logo than a static logo. Why? Because professional logo animation leaves a lasting impression on customers’ minds. Using the right colors, sound, and motion, brands bring their static logos to life. Moreover, lively logos aid brands in creating better brand awareness; thus, brands create dynamic logos.

  1. Moving Logos Strengthen a Brand Image

Branding is all about maintaining your distinct brand image, and moving logos help brands accomplish that with ease. You can also strengthen your brand image if you use a dynamic logo for the purpose. Further, you can use your animated logos in your video intros, outros, etc., social media sites, and more. Put differently, you can use your dynamic brand identity on different platforms and strengthen your brand image several times.

  1. Animated Logos Clearly Stand out

Animated logos allow brands to better connect with their target audience. Furthermore, they allow brands to connect with the target audience at an emotional level. Static logo designs have the power to capture a moment, yet animated ones convey the overall feel of the brands. In addition, dynamic logos help brands stay ahead of the competition with a brand identity that clearly stands out.

  1. Dynamic Logos Communicate a Brand Story

You do not need to create a heroic animated movie to convey your brand story to your target audience. Using a dynamic logo, you can communicate your brand story and let the audience effectively connect with your brand. In this regard, you only need to create an animated video of your logo entailing your brand elements.

  1. Animated Logos Get More Shares

People love sharing amusing things they find online, and the best logo animation is no different. If you create an animated video of your logo and share it on social media, it will get more shares. Furthermore, if your video entails a comical or humorous element, it will receive more shares. What does it mean when the video of your moving logo gets more shares? It means you reach a massive audience, which will eventually increase your brand awareness.

  1. Dynamic Logos Are Worth the Investment

Marketing expenses can put a heavy weight on your budget. Nevertheless, you need to keep up with ever-evolving marketing strategies, including using a dynamic logo for branding. Besides, creating a dynamic logo is also a one-time investment, which offers multiple benefits and is worth the expense. You can use your animated brand identity time and again for years to come to consistently benefit from it. Thus, you can understand why brands nowadays are investing in moving logos.


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Animated Logos Are the Future

Moving logos do not just look cool. They also give brands the boost they need with their diverse benefits. Many brands have already switched to logo animation, and more brands will use it in near future. Dynamic logos help brands set themselves apart from their competitors. For the same reason, many brands have already made moving logos a part of their branding strategies. Soon, all businesses will realize the potential of animated logos and use them to their advantage.


Brands need to evolve with time; for the same reason, many brands nowadays use animated logos. Static logo designs are recognizable, yet dynamic logos aid brands in getting a better brand recognition. Animated logos have evolved from static logos, and Google is the brand that has set the pace in this regard. Today, brand logos have evolved to dynamic ones because of the benefits moving logos offer brands. For instance, moving logos better communicate a brand story, clearly stand out, engage viewers, etc. To finish, evolving logo animation is the future of branding.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is the Difference Between a Static and Dynamic Logo?                   

A1. Static logo designs are basically logos that stay the same to provide instant brand recognition to the audience. McDonald’s and Batman logos are good examples of static logos. Conversely, dynamic logos or moving logos are logos that move or change with context. Top brands like Google and MasterCard have used such logos because they make a brand look dynamic or energetic

Q2. Why Do Logos Need to Be Changed?

A2. Brands need to redesign their logos when their businesses evolve. In addition, they need to adapt to the modern world; thus, many brands come up with animated logos. Not to mention, waiting too long to update your logo can make your company look out of touch. Hence, brands need to change their logos to stay in the competition with their competitors.


Q3. Why Do Logos Need to be Memorable?

A3. It is important that you create a logo that is memorable whether it is static or dynamic. You want your audience to associate your logo with your product or service. For the same reason, it is important you use the right colors, fonts, etc., in your logo reflecting your brand. You want your brand identity to stick in customers’ minds and let customers recognize your brand. It is why it is important for you to come up with a memorable logo for your brand.


Q4. Why Are the Noticeable Benefits of Animated Logos?

A4. The noticeable benefits of animated logos include the following:

  • Better Brand Recognition
  • Professional Brand Image
  • Effective Storytelling
  • Distinct Brand Image

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